Sistah Sunshine

Several years ago, I was faced with a life-changing decision - and yes, I did. While I was getting used to my new life, I discovered social media which helped me reconnect with old friends, find new friends, and slowly made me realize how society raises us to believe certain things. Moving on....


During this time, I created an alias for myself in order to "add some sunshine" to my own disposition, not having any idea what it would later become. I started following people, pages, and blogs that promoted wellness and positive thinking. I became aware of how many people crave to be heard by someone who is willing to listen, who cares, and will be empathetic in giving advice. Creating my alias, "Sistah Sunshine", not only improved my mood, but it changed my way of thinking about myself and others. We are surrounded by pessimistic people who are only interested in fulfilling their own needs, give no concern to how their mood affects others, and don't realize they can change their own life by changing their thought process.  In just a few years, I have transformed my life for the better and believe that others can too, with a little encouragement.


This website started as my portfolio of my artwork and now contains my blog and a collection of my favorite things that bring sunshine to my world and hopefully to yours too. Thanks for visiting!