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Sistah Sunshine

Several years ago, I was faced with a life-changing decision, continue with the life I was currently living, or start over. I felt as though I had been living in "what-I-should-do" mode and that my life was no longer in my control, and not how I really wanted to be living.

Deciding to jump ship, I started a long journey back to who I wanted to be "when I grew up". At the beginning of this adjustment period (which is now 10 years), I discovered social media. It was a great way for me to reconnect  with old friends whom I has lost touch with, family members who had moved out of state, and also with groups of people all over the world who I had things in common with. Through all of this discovery and discussion, I realized that nobody is in control as much as they would like to think they are.


After the initial shock of quitting my life, I became really depressed and anxious. Things happened to me that were completely unexpected and I started to doubt what I got myself into. I had to remind myself regularly WHY I decided to move on, so I created the alias Sistah Sunshine, not having any idea what it would later become. I started following people, pages, and blogs that promoted wellness and positive thinking. Not only did it improved my mood, but it changed my way of thinking about myself and others. We are surrounded by pessimistic people who are only interested in fulfilling their own needs, give no concern to how their mood affects others, and don't realize they can change their own life by changing their thought process. I became aware of how many people crave to be heard by someone who is willing to listen, who cares, and will be empathetic in giving advice. In just a few years, I had begun a real transformation of my life and even had a few followers thanking me for my cheerful posts. I believed I could learn how to handle the stress triggers of life, with tips and proven techniques others had used, to develop a set of skills to cope with everyday distractions, and teach myself how to live a more fulfilling life. I discovered that it is possible and believe that anyone can do it, if they choose, with the correct support system and a little encouragement.


I built this website myself, in order to collect information I wanted to share. It has morphed several times, starting out as my online art portfolio and resume', now containing my blog and links to my shops.  It will continue to change as I continue to learn and grow, which is hopefully everyday. As always I will continue to post my favorite things that bring sunshine to my world and hopefully to yours as well.


Thanks for visiting!




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